What To Pack To Dreamfest

Want to make sure you are prepared for Dreamfest? Our team, staff and former Dreamfest visitors have recommended a great list of essential items needed for a successful festival experience.

We have also included a list of the top "bonus" items to bring. This is a list of the items that will make your stay more enjoyable but are not necessarily needed for a great experience!

Here are some of the things you don't want to leave home without, and some things you might not need, but you will sure be glad you brought!

Must Have Items

  • Camping Equipment

    • Tent

    • Sleeping Bags/Bed

    • Cooler

    • Flashlight/Lantern

    • Chairs/Tables

    • Lighters

  • Rain Gear

  • Coat/Hoodies

  • Extra Shoes/Boots

  • Warm Hat

Bonus Items

  • Soap/Shampoo(VIP Showers)

  • Ash Tray(No Cig Butts on the Ground!)

  • Blankets

  • Ear Plugs

  • Bluetooth Speaker/Radio

  • Camping Grill

  • Bottled Water

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General Admission

The General admission pass provides you with the bare essentials, but it still gives you access to Dreamfest on both days. As an added bonus, Dreamfest is proud to announce that General Admission Passes include: FREE Camping in Tent City

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VIP Passes

The VIP passes are for those who want to spend their days at Dreamfest, but have a little taste of home amenities. VIP passes include: VIP Only Showers, VIP Only Flushable Toilets, Dreamfest T-Shirt, Dreamfest Poster

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Non-Electric RV

Dreamfest Non-Electric RV passes are for Dreamer's who like to bring their home with them to music festivals! Each RV pass comes with the following: 1 RV Parking Area, NO ELECTRIC.


Electric RV Passes

The Dreamfest Electric RV Passes are for the plugged-in Dreamer's. Electric RV Passes make sure that you can plug in all your creature comforts. Electric RV Passes include: 1 Electric RV Parking Area, ELECTRIC

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